About Us

In Just.Find.Best we believe in baking as one of the ways to express your love, passion, and creativity.
Our story began with our love for french macarons, either baking or eating them, we love them in any form.
Being not a big fan of silicone baking mats, we used parchment papers, drawing macaron templates on the back. And we know that many perfectionists who prefer parchment paper to a silicone mat, and want to get that perfect symmetrical shapes do the same. So, if you want something that does not exist yet - just make it yourself! And that’s how our parchment paper idea with macaron and eclair pre-printed templates was born, making it so easy and saving so much time in creating these delicate pastries.

Our Goal

Our mission is to make bakers’ life easy, so they can enjoy the process of baking with less hustle, whether they are home bakers or professional pastry chefs.

Our goal is to provide baking lovers with natural, organic and convenient tools, to inspire bakers to create more masterpieces.

Keep making people happy! Keep baking!